About Us

Skin Vision is privately owned and operated by Carly Sorensen, a local photographer.  Located in Gray Street, Ipswich and working under the guidance of Dr Sandeep Kumar, Skin Vision offers clients Total Body Photography.

Total Body Photography (TBP) is a series of high-resolution digital photographs that are taken of all of your skin, providing you with a complete record of your skin surface. These images are used as a reference point so changes in your skin can be monitored over time. Your Doctor can then use this baseline at future skin checks, but more importantly, you can look for changes on your own skin.

Research has shown that about 80% of melanomas appear as new spots on the skin, while about 20% will arise from an existing mole. Total Body Photography offers an increased chance of detecting early melanomas. 

Total Body Photography is not 100% effective in detecting melanomas and other skin lesions. Regular self examination and skin checks with your Doctor, using the aid of Total Body Photography, are still essential.
Total Body Photography Studio